Registering a Domain Name and Setting Up Hosting

Now that you know exactly what niche you want to get started in, it's time to register a domain and set up some hosting. This may sound a little daunting if you've never done it before, but it's actually quite simple.

Let's start with the domain name. I like to come up with a keyword rich domain name that's pretty easy to spell and remember. This gives you two advantages. You're more likely to rank well for your main term in the search engines if you have it in your domain name. It'll also be easier for people to help spread the word about your site if it's easy to remember and easy to spell.

Let me give you some examples of good and bad domain names (some of these are made up).

Bad domain names:

- (stay away from using numbers and such)
-  (that's actually one of my bigger niche sites)
- (hard to spell, n instead of "and", lots of hyphons)
- (would be much better to use the .com extension)

Good domain names:


Now it's your turn. Start with your main keyword and brainstorm domain names. I recommend you use Godaddy to register your domain at

Stick to .com domains unless you are outside the United States.
Once you have your domain registered, the only other thing left to do today is to get some hosting. One of my favorite hosts is Hostgator.

Their hatchling plan has everything you need to get started and will run you less than $4 per month.

Go ahead and get your domain and hosting. Be sure to follow the direction your hosting company gives you for setting the name servers on your domain.  It'll take a few hours for your domain to point to your hosting (after you change the name servers). We'll pick back up in the next lesson and work on installing a wordpress blog on your site.


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