Finding A Hot Niche

Welcome to the Affiliate Marketing Fast Track. Over the course of 7 lessons I'll walk you through the various steps I take to enter a new niche and set up a simple little website or blog in it. If you'd like to get each lesson delivered via email, sign up at the end of this lesson.

Follow right along and in less than a week you'll have your own niche site up and running and by the end of the course you'll start to get traffic to it and may even make your first affiliate sale.

Disclaimer - I can't make any promises that your site will be profitable.  That will depend on what niche you chose and how well you implement what I'm sharing in this week long course. I will however share what's working for me and what's generating a nice stream of affiliate income for me.

Let's dive right in and talk about finding a hot niche. When I first got started with affiliate marketing, and built my first 2 or 3 websites, that's the first big mistake I'd make every single time. I would just start building sites on something that was on my mind without considering the traffic, the income potential or even what type of products I'd promote.

We'll talk a bit more about traffic (profitable keywords to go after in particular) and product research in tomorrow's email. For now, let's talk about hot niches.

Hot niches that have high profit potential have a couple of things in common.

1)They get a lot of traffic.
2)They help people solve a problem or entertain them.

For today we want to focus on topics or niches that solve problems and/or entertain people.
And let me tell you from the start that websites that "just" entertain people are very easy to get traffic to, but it's incredibly hard to monetize. Think about this for a second... when was the last time you bought something from a gossip blog?

The better choice is to focus on niches that solve a problem or reduce pain. If you can be entertaining while you help people solve their problems, you're golden.

Let me give you a couple of hot niche ideas that focus on solving problems:

  •     Potty training your child (or puppy for that matter)
  •     Training your dog
  •     Reducing back pain
  •     Curing migraine headaches
  •     Saving money on groceries
  •     Reducing debt
  •     Losing weight

    Do you see where I'm getting at here?

    Take out a sheet of paper and a pen and start coming up with topics or niches where you could help people solve a problem or reduce pain.

    Take your time brainstorming your list and then pick the two or three ideas that sound like the most fun.

    Tomorrow we'll look at keyword data and affiliate products and from there determine which one of those has the biggest profit potential.
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