Marketing Your Blog


So far we talked about getting content on your blog and you now have a content plan for the coming weeks and at least one or two blog posts on your site. That means it's time to go out and market your site.

One of the biggest mistakes I made with my first few affiliate sites was to build them and then expect people to just magically find them. That's like building a store out in the middle of nowhere and not even bothering to build a road to it, let along set up some signs.

Marketing your blog means going out there and telling the world about it - so they can find you. There are a million and one ways to market your online business. I'll get you started with 7 quick ideas here:

Blog Commenting - Find a few popular blogs in your niche and start to comment on them regularly. Provide good content in your comments. Your username should link back to your new website.

Caution - do not link back to your site directly within the comment. It's considered rude and spammy.

Social Bookmarking  - Submit your home page and individual blog posts to popular social bookmarking sites like,,, and

Forum Participation - Find two or three popular forums in your niche and start participating. Answer questions, be helpful. If possible link back to your blog or niche site in your forum signature.

Social Media - Tweet about your blog posts and other interesting things in your niche as you come across them. Use facebook the same way. I recommend you also spend a little time each week to find new friends and followers in your target market.

Article Marketing - Write a short 400 word article and submit it to some of the popular article directories like, and If you are a female writer, is another great option.

Link back to your site in the author resource box of your article.

Guest Blogging - Go back to the blogs you're already commenting on and see I the owner would be interested in a blog post by you. These posts are similar to article marketing and again will include one or two links back to your site.

Videos  - Create a short video where you share a tip or show your audience how to do something in your niche. Upload the video to

Now that you have my list of 7 marketing strategies, I want you to pick at least one of them and get to work on it this week. Write and publish an article, spend 15 minutes a day commenting on some blogs or participating on a few good forums.

Pick a marketing strategy and get comfortable with it. Then come back to this list and add another one to the mix.

Ideally you want to spend about 20% of your time adding new content to your site and 80% of it on marketing tasks.

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