Profitable Keywords and Product Research

Yesterday you were brainstorming some niche ideas and picking your favorites. Today we're going to take a look to see if there's traffic and id there are products we can promote.
These are important steps and so easy to overlook. My husband built an entire niche site a few years ago on golf carts and golf cart accessories, only to find out weeks into the process that there wasn't a single decent affiliate product he could promote - Oops!

I don't want that to happen to you, so let's look at those three niches you're considering and do a little research. Are there decent affiliate programs you can promote?

You may want to look for them in these places:

  •  - a big market place for ebooks and other info products
  • (Commission Junction)- an affiliate network for physical products
  • & - two more affiliate networks
  • And of course

Another option is to Google a product name and "affiliate program".
Once you know that there are some good products you can promote, it's time to look at traffic. We want to do a quick check to make sure people are looking for the information we want to share and that it'll be relatively easy to rank in the search engines for some of the keywords that are getting traffic.

There are a couple of different ways to do keyword research.  You can use a tool like wordtracker which does all the hard work for you, or you can use the free Google Adwords Keyword too. If you're just starting out, I recommend you start with the free tool.

Here's a blog post I wrote a while back that shows you exactly how you can use the Google keyword tool to find keywords in your niche and then how to get a pretty good idea of how hard it will be to rank for each of those keywords.

Your assignment for today is to make a list of keywords for your niche sites and get a feel for how hard it will be to rank for them. I recommend recording your data in a spreadsheet.

From there compare the keyword data for the different niches and look at the affiliate products and how profitable they will be for you.

Last but not least decide on the niche you want to build a website in.
Yes, that's quite a bit of work to do before you even built your site, but believe me, it's time well spent.

Or, if you prefer, I can do the research for you. I have put together affiliate niche packs for several hot niches. You can browse through them here:

You can get a niche pack for $49. It will include all the research data you need to get up and running quickly in your new niche.

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